Attitudes – Methodologies of Architectural Reuse

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How can transformations of cities, landscapes and buildings be approached? Along the lines of contrasting attitudes to conservation, in which John Ruskin & Eugene Viollet-le-Duc play an important role, new attitudes that develop architectural thought that build upon existing structures and materials, are continuously being developed and new relations between the existing and the new can be discovered.

The transformation of cities and buildings is one of the main emergent themes in contemporary architecture. Finding an appropriate balance between the old and the new is of fundamental interest for contemporary architectural design. The Heritage & Architecture Section (TU Delft) is concerned with preservation and renewal in existing architecture. The research by design conducted in this specialisation focuses on the architectural and technical aspects involved in the conservation and transformation of buildings, including those of cultural significance.

Heritage & Architecture guest-lecture

Teun and Gerjan Streng (Cloud Collective/Bright) held a combined guest-lecture for the Master-students of Heritage & Architecture in the METHODOLOGIES OF ARCHITECTURAL REUSE-lecture series. The guest lecture covers theories on transformation ranging from John Ruskin, Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, Piranesi and Carlo Scarpa, to more contemporary architects such as Stewart Brand, Aldo Rossi, David Chipperfield and Peter Zumthor. The series of lectures are input for the student’s essays in which they form their own critical review on the balance between continuity and change in architecture.

French medieval town of Carcassone, after restoration by Eugene Viollet-le-Duc

French medieval town of Carcassone, after restoration by Eugene Viollet-le-Duc

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